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Why Are the 8 Dimensions of Wellness so Important?

By November 1, 2019March 15th, 2020Health and Wellness

Each of us wants to say as heathy and happy as we can for as long as possible, especially as we grow older. This is why so many senior living communities are making a strong commitment to providing comprehensive wellness programs for their residents. Being surrounded by others with the same goals is a great way to stay active and healthy and also offers peace of mind. And it’s more than following a healthy diet or exercising—lifelong wellness touches every part of our lives.

For many retirement-aged people, choosing a retirement address that promotes all eight dimensions of wellness, such as Danberry, is an opportunity to benefit from a wide variety of resources and expertise as well as a fun atmosphere for getting the most out of every day.

Here’s a quick look at the eight dimensions of wellness and why they are so important:

Physical: Remaining active and avoiding harmful habits can benefit the body inside and out. Healthy eating is good for mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation and better overall health.

Emotional: Knowing how to recognize and embrace one’s thoughts and emotions and empathizing with others is key to healthy emotional well being.

Social: A socially well person establishes and maintains healthy relationships with friends, family, and peers based on mutual trust and respect. Studies show that being around people you care for can boost your immune system, give you energy, reduce stress and pain, lessen grief and help protect against dementia.

Intellectual: Exercising the brain with stimulating activities has proven health benefits. Expanding one’s knowledge and pursuing new creative outlets also can lead to improved cognitive health. When you learn, you build new pathways in the brain—which research says doesn’t have to stop with aging.

Spiritual: Spiritual wellness is an ongoing process of finding meaning, purpose, and direction in your life. It also offers peace and security, especially when facing challenges.

Vocational: Seniors can maintain a sense of identity and purpose by exploring volunteerism—and even employment—after retirement. In fact, research shows volunteering can lessen symptoms of heart disease.

Health Services: Medical screenings and regular exams, along with the proper management of health care needs, can lead to longer, healthier, happier lives for seniors. In addition, many senior living communities such as Danberry offer educational seminars and lectures on prevention and other important health topics to help residents stay informed.

Environmental: Caring for your physical surroundings can create lasting and healthy benefits for you, your community, and the environment.

Lifelong wellness is key to successful aging. Please call us at (205) 443-9500 if you have questions about Danberry’s comprehensive wellness program.