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Turning Fitness Into Lifelong Wellness: Easy Does It.

By July 17, 2019March 15th, 2020Health and Wellness

If you haven’t been as physically active as you would have liked in several years, you might feel a bit intimidated when thinking about joining a fitness program. If that’s true for you, here’s some good news:  first, no matter your age or condition, exercise can help reduce pain, improve balance, lift your mood and add some fun to your days.Second, there’s no better setting to ease into a fitness and wellness regimen then at a full-service retirement community. Why? Not only will a senior living community likely have all the resources for fitness and lifelong wellness that you need, everything is under one roof.

So instead of driving in bad weather or darkness, you can just walk down the hall and choose what you want to do!

The key to lifelong wellness is to start slowly.

Meet with the fitness coordinator to discuss a plan for staying active and healthy. Walk the halls after dinner. Check out the classes to see if one catches your interest. Exercising is easier and more fun with friends. If you live in a retirement community with an indoor pool, try water aerobics or just splash around a bit.

Even if you are chair-bound, exercise options like chair aerobics and lifting free weights are usually on the schedule.

Vary your workouts for maximum benefits.

Don’t forget the overall health and wellness benefits of yoga. Yoga fuses body and mind through breathing, meditation and movement, resulting in better body awareness as well as increased range of motion and movement.  It’s also excellent for balance and strength, as is Tai Chi.

Stay active and stay healthy.

However you choose to begin your new fitness regimen, don’t let an occasional setback get you down. Keep moving! There’s just too many benefits to ignore, whether you live in Independent Living or Assisted Living. Regular exercise lowers your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. It can help you build bone mass and prevent a fall.

Give yourself an advantage.

Exercising with friends is fun!  And when you have the advantage of an exceptional wellness program in an affordable senior housing community, you really come out ahead. You not only have more ways to stay active and well, you have more free time to do it because you are not worrying about daily home maintenance or upkeep.

Danberry at Inverness offers dynamic fitness opportunities all under one roof, such as a fully equipped fitness center, classes including Tai Chi, aerobics, water yoga and Pilates, a private senior-friendly heated indoor, resort-style saltwater pool, and a wellness clinic.